New Season - Snowmaking at Calabogie Peaks

To say people are eager to get back on the slopes is an understatement. Ever since the first decent snowfall hit the Ottawa Valley two weeks ago, we’ve been fielding questions via phone, in person, online, even at the grocery store. Rest assured, the guns are firing and the crew is coating the mountain as you read this. Keep up to speed on our progress with our new and improved Mountain Web Cams and get your skis shined up (our apologies to a certain gum manufacturer) because the time’s a-coming!

Yet that’s not the only thing going on at the Peaks. Rather than offer the same features as the previous year, we’ve been hard at work bringing something new to your favourite ski resort close to home and wanted to take a moment to list off just some of the new goodies you can expect when you show up with skis and boards in hand.

There’s a pretty good chance there’ll be a lot more sick days called in this season and it won’t be due to any actual medical issues. Perfect for shift workers, students with off-days, the retired (or semi-retired) and anyone who happens to “miss their bus,” we’re selling our weekday tickets for $25 a person when you purchase directly from our online store. Remember, this is online purchases only and you can find our store right here.


Speaking of online shopping, we’ve added on a couple of stocking stuffers perfect for the active winter enthusiast in your life. Grab a 5-pack of lift tickets for the price of 4 (normally only available at trade shows), purchase space in our Learn To Ski/Snowboard program, and drop a gift card or two straight into your cart. These extras will only be available until December 24th and you can find them right here.

Learning to ski or snowboard can be intimidating and we all remember the hard work and dedication it took to get to where we are now. We’re committed to helping as many people as possible strap on a pair and give it a shot, regardless of age or previous experience. That’s why we’re delighted to introduce new Snow School programs such as Parent & Tot (where a parent learns to work with their 2- to 4-year old) and our brand new 4-week Learn To Ski/Snowboard program (plus you receive a full season pass at the end of the program). You can find out more on our updated 2014/15 Winter Brochure.

Use them as an Employee of the Month prize, offer them as incentive for new clients, or however you want to do it, there’s unlimited value in our Calabogie Peaks Corporate Season Pass. For $999, it works exactly like a regular Ultimate Season Pass except that it can be used by anyone you wish. Plus we’re literally giving them away if you book your next corporate event at the Peaks. Need a link? Find what you need and more on our Business Events page.

You’ve heard of ski in/out accommodations, but what about ski in/out dining? We’re adding on a new run to our repertoire as we expand our already impressive selection designed to challenge skiers/riders of every experience level. Branching off from Juniper Junction as it makes the bend and connects back to the Lakeview chairlift, the Canthook cuts straight down towards the Calabogie Peaks Hotel and right up to the back door of Canthooks Restaurant. Plus it’s the perfect path for anyone staying at our hotel during their family outing or business trip downhill.


The view from the new Canthook run, currently under construction. Photo taken November 28, 2014.
Never fear, Calabogie fans, the time will soon be at hand and we can’t wait for everyone to come down and see what we have in store for you, family, and friends. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for up-to-minute snowmaking updates, specials, and more. Until then, keep watching the skies!