Start At The Beginning: A New Skier’s POV

It can be easy to forget what it’s like to start from the beginning when you’ve done something for so many years. Like skiing or snowboarding. We all…

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family winter activities at the Calabogie Peaks

Learning Is A Family Affair

Paul and Mike Murphy 1987 A day skiing or riding on the mountain can be a multi-generational memory maker (family winter activities central)! Liz Murphy, the Marketing Director…

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Skiing With A Toddler

Our little one is 21 months old and we recently took her skiing for the first time. My husband and I both started skiing at a young age…

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Resort Improvements: New Pathway, accessibility improvements, new lights...

Building Up: Improvements for the 2016/17 Winter Season

Every year around this time, we’re asked one question above all others. Ok, two questions and the one that comes after, “When are you going to open?” is…

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Calabogie Boogie March Break Events at the Peaks

5 Reasons to Experience Calabogie Peaks Right Now

Have you ever had a list so big you didn’t know where to begin? That’s how it’s going with us at The Peaks right now – there are…

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#MyDayAtCalabogie Peaks Unique Experience


A day at Calabogie Peaks is unique experience for everyone. Sure, everyone comes here for the same reason – enjoy a day on the slopes in the full…

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It's A Calabogie Blizzard! Ontario Highlands

It’s A Calabogie Blizzard!

#WinterWander at the Peaks Happy New Year, everyone, and boy have things changed from a month ago. Not only is the mountain open, but we’re proud to say Calabogie…

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opening weekend - new ski season at the Peaks

More Snow Than Mother Nature: Opening Weekend 2015/16

There’s no denying the weather’s been warmer than usual for this time of year. The beginning of December is supposed to be a time when we’re scraping frost…

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