Fall Colours Chairlift Rides

Falling In Love With Autumn

Fall Colours Chairlift Rides As a growing hiking enthusiast, this may be the best time of year to charge up the camera batteries, strap on a backpack, and…

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Hiking at Calabogie Peaks Mountain Hiking

The Call of the Mountain Path – Mountain Hiking

Calabogie Peaks Social Media Guy here. I’m going to get a little personal today (but don’t worry, it’s nothing strange, just something that’s very near and dear to…

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Goose Chaser Golf

Meet Dante: Goose Chaser

If you own property anywhere in Canada, let alone Eastern Ontario, you know all about geese. Sure, they’re a Canadian treasure gracing our golden dollar coins, but that’s…

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Ottawa Skiing - Ottawa Ski Resort - Snowboard Mountain - Ottawa Area Ski Hills

Work/Life Balance

Weekday Skiing at the Peaks No matter what you do, no matter how young or “wise” you are, it’s important to leave time in life to let loose…

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Valantine's Day Skiing and wine tasting

Valentine’s Day Skiing at the Peaks

Valentine’s Day Skiing Valentine’s Day is that one day of the year people either choose to love or hate. Considering it’s a day dedicated to love, I’d say…

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Snowshoeing at Calabogie Peaks

Snowshoeing at Calabogie Peaks

Calabogie Peaks is known for its ski hill, but there is a lot more to The Peaks than just downhill terrain. A favourite activity of mine aside from…

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Rob Whelan Photo, - Ski Chairlift Selfie

Long Live The Chairlift Selfie!

This might sound funny coming from someone who makes a living taking pictures, but I have a soft spot for chairlift selfies and what’s more, I think they’re…

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Ski App - Active Family Photo Rob Whelan

Get Your Ski App On

Photo by Rob Whelan (Active Family Photography) It used to be heading out to your favourite resort for a day on the slopes was a bit of a…

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