A La Carte Wedding Menus

 Taste the Bounty from the Mountain, Lake & Land on Your Special Day

Menu prices are subject to change without notice, applicable taxes and service charge.


Cold Canapes

Dill lemon smoked salmon roulade

Bruschetta on garlic crostini and parmesan

Cheddar gougeres

Prosciutto wrapped pear


Hot Canapes

Butter chicken satay

Vegetarian spring roll

Seared beef and mushroom on crostini

Fried samosa with mango chutney

$36.00/ dozen


Crudité $5.50/pp

Fresh vegetables, ranch, hummus, tzatziki


Artisan Cheese Selection 10.00/pp

Artisan Cheeses, preserves, dried fruit, crostini


Charcuterie Platter $12.50/pp

Cured meats, pickled vegetables, mustards, crostini


Breads and Spreads $7.50/pp

Sandwich meats, hummus, mustards, pickled vegetables, pita, baguette, rolls


Fresh Fruit $9.00/pp

Sliced fruit, berries, vanilla yogurt

Late Night Snacks

Available until 11:30pm


Poutine bar $9.95/pp

Fries, curds, gravy


Flatbreads $8.95/pp

Prosciutto, goat cheese, onion, tomato, sherry aioli


Roast beef & Yorkshire pudding $8.95/pp

Roast beef, horseradish aioli, gravy in a mini Yorkshire pudding


Sweet & Salty $12.95/pp

Assorted Jellies, Gummies, Candies, Chips, Pretzels, Nuts

Smores by the Fire $36.00/doz.

Starters: (choose one)


Roasted tomato soup
 Garden salad with house vinaigrette


Main Course: (choose one)


Seared chicken supreme $45.00/pp</em
Wild mushroom, pearl onion truffle emulsion
seasonal vegetable, roast fingerling potato  


Oven roasted chicken breast $42.00/pp
Onion cream sauce, crushed potato, seasonal vegetable


8oz New York striploin    $53.00/pp
Sautéed mushrooms, natural demi, garlic fingerling
seasonal vegetables


6oz Beef tenderloin   $66.00/pp
Fingerling potato, whiskey demi, sautéed mushroom,
seasonal vegetables


Pan seared trout    $45.00/pp
Dill and black pepper cream sauce,
rice, seasonal vegetable


King Cole duck breast    $55.00/pp
Blueberry demi, roast beets and sweet potato,
seasonal vegetable


Slow cooked pork loin   $47.00/pp
Apple and pear chutney, smashed potato,
seasonal vegetables


Choice entrees available at a surcharge $8.00/pp


New York Cheesecake $8.00/pp
with strawberry sauce

Sticky toffee pudding $8.00/pp
Hot caramel sauce

Chocolate Mousse Torte $8.00/pp
Raspberry sauce

Choose one Soup

Tomato Soup

Mushroom Soup

Tomato Lentil Soup

Carrot, squash, ginger soup

Choice one Salad

Artisan Greens

Caesar Salad

Greek Panzanella

Penne Salad

Potato Salad

Choose one Starch

Roast Fingerling

Steamed Rice

Baked Potato w/ fixings

Yam Smashed

Smashed Potato

Barley Risotto

Choose one Vegetarian Dish

Vegetable chickpea Thai Curry

Vegetable Ratatouille

Baked Penne Pasta

Vegetable Barley Risotto

Buffet #1 

Roast Beef with natural demi

Roast Pork loin with Maple Mustard

Seasonal Vegetable


Buffet #2 

Seared Chicken Breast with Mushroom Cream sauce

Salmon with white wine dill cream sauce

Seasonal Vegetable


Buffet #3 

Roast Striploin with red wine demi

Salmon with Puttanesca

Seasonal Vegetable


Buffet #4 

Seared Chicken Supreme with caramelized cream sauce

Seared Trout with Herb Butter

Seasonal Vegetable



Assorted Cakes

Coffee & Tea

(minimum 20 people)

Lunch BBQ’s

BBQ #1 

Dickson Chips 

Pasta Salad

40z Beef Burger

Hot Dogs


BBQ #2

Dickson Chips

 Potato Salad

5oz Beef Burger

 Italian Sausage 


BBQ #3  

Dickson Chips

Caesar Salad

BBQ Pulled Pork

BBQ Chicken Thigh


All BBQs come with condiments and burger toppings (tomato, pickle, onion, and lettuce)


Fruit Salad 

Fruit Salad

 Fruit platter

Dinner BBQ’S

BBQ #1

Dinner Rolls and Butter

Dickson Chips

Green Salad 

40 Creek BBQ Sauce Ribs

BBQ Rubbed Chicken Thighs 


BBQ #2

Dinner Roll and Butter  

Green Salad

Caesar Salad

Potato Salad

 4oz Striploin steaks

BBQ Rubbed Chicken Breast



Fruit Platter
Assorted Squares