Become an Ski Instructor or a Snowboard Instructor

Ski School Welcomes
Teaching Assistants 13 Years of Age and Older


Have you wanted to become a ski instructor or a snowboard instructor? The Calabogie Peaks Snow School offers a 5-day Calabogie Peaks Teaching Assistant level one certification program in which you will learn to teach. Make a difference in a person’s skill level by becoming a ski teacher or snowboard teacher.

Teaching Assistant Program

The Peaks will offer a free 3-day teaching assistant certification program. To qualify and be certified you must be 13 years old, ski/board at an intermediate level and attend the 3-day on snow session.  All TAs must also be willing to commit 30 hours during the winter season on snow in an assisting position.  These hours can be put towards your secondary school 40 volunteer hours.

Become a Certified
Calabogie Peaks Instructor

The Ontario Ski Resorts Association has introduced a new ski instructor certification pathway. When completed and your instructor passport is signed off, it will be recognized across Ontario. This program is offered at Calabogie Peaks.

Requirement to be eligible are:

  • Keen, mature, and interested in teaching
  • 14 years of age
  • Must ski on an intermediate level or better

Calabogie also offers great TA and instructor perks to those who become a member of the CP team.

Commitment Form for Ski Instructors, Snowboard instructors & Teaching Assistants

  • Commitments that include multiple weekdays and weekends and holidays will have hiring priority.