Tell me about the site?

Calabogie Peaks is 680 acres of beautiful, wild and scenic terrain which includes a ski mountain, extensive shoreline on Calabogie Lake, hiking trails and forested land with views of the lake, mountain and countryside.

What is the development plan?

A vibrant all-season community nestled in the varied landscapes and centered around a small pedestrian village that serves residents’ wellness, social, recreational and economic needs.

What distinguishes Calabogie Peaks?

The combination of the lake, mountain and pristine land is highly unique and naturally defines the distinct neighborhoods. It also offers extensive all-season recreation and wellness activities.

The community will be walkable and affordable. Basement apartments, side yard apartments, coach houses and workshops can generate sustainability through rental income and the work from home economy. The pedestrian village is the hub of the live-work-play-shop-learn-make-exercise-socialize-animated community.

Who is the Developer?

Calabogie Peaks celebrated it’s 50th anniversary in 2019. Calabogie Peaks ULC has owned the site for 38 years and has transformed it from a small 4-month ski business to an emerging community. Calabogie Peaks previously co-developed the nearby Barrett Chute development

What are the Amenities?

The waterfront, beaches, boating, boat docks, golf course, winter downhill and cross-country skiing, hiking -biking-snowmobile and ATV trails and food & beverage outlets. Owners may enjoy these through the optional Club Membership described at

Tell me about Calabogie?

Calabogie is a popular and growing active lifestyle recreation destination centered on the natural beauty of the local land, water and mountain. The mountain is the tallest public ski mountain in Ontario and offers the best skiing in eastern Ontario and western Quebec. There are numerous golf courses in the region. Calabogie Highlands is a very popular and challenging golf course across the lake from Calabogie Peaks. Calabogie Peaks’ Ironwoods is a family friendly nine-hole golf course on Calabogie lake. Ten minutes away, Calabogie Motorsports offers a world class auto racetrack where you can take speed driving instruction or bring your own high-performance car to race or lap at the track. The Township is populated with kilometers of hiking and biking trails, some of which are used by snow machines in the winter and ATVs in the summer. Good opportunities exist for rock and ice climbing on nearby cliff features. The Crown land surrounding Calabogie Peaks and throughout the broader Calabogie area, provides endless areas to explore with lakes and great hunting and fishing habitat. Shopping, liquor store, microbrewery, restaurant services and a medical center are available in the village of Calabogie, only 5 minutes away.

Does Calabogie Peaks own the waterfront and golf course?

Yes. It’s a kilometer of beautiful shoreline and two islands. In the green season, the Boathouse Bar & Grill, beach amenities, boating and golf are a center of activity.

Can I dock my boat at the lake?

Yes. Annual boat dock rentals are available The docks are expanded as membership increases.

What is the average depth of the water at the waterfront?

Four to eight feet out from the shoreline, the average water depth is 4 to 10+ feet, quickly dropping in most cases to 20’ to 65’ deep.

Does Calabogie Peaks own the ski mountain and business?

Yes. Skiing was the original business. The ski mountain is the tallest public ski mountain in Ontario with 29 trails. The ski trails will continue to be extended to provide additional ski-in ski-out residences.

Where can I store my outdoor equipment?

There are several local service companies that provide winter storage and service for boats, ATVs and other recreational equipment. A secured storage compound will be built on site if there is demand.

What are the Costs Associated with Real Estate Ownership?

Property taxes are $925 per $100,000 of assessed value. Electricity is supplied by Hydro One. Water, wastewater and propane services are supplied by Calabogie Utilities at rates comparable to city utilities.

Do I need to drill a well, install a septic system and build a road?

No. All lots and homes are fully accessible and connected to underground services.

Is there cell coverage?

Yes.  There is a wireless tower on the mountain.

Can I Rent my Home, Townhouse or Condominium?

Yes.  Calabogie Peaks operates a Rental Management Program for owners that would like to rent without having to manage the rental process Alternatively, owners may rent directly.

Who are the Builders?

The initial builders are Bell-Camp Modular and Kelly Homes.

There are several other builders in the community and lot purchasers are welcome to work with the builder of their choice.

Who Is Bell Camp?

Bell-Camp Modular is a division of Bell-Camp Manufacturing Inc. founded in 1962, which specializes in steel frame structures prefabricated in their production facility located in Ingersoll, Ontario. Bell Camp’s concept is simple: custom homes made easy with their experienced team of builders, designers and engineers to help you design and execute your dream space. Compared to traditional building, the modular building process is streamlined and cost-effective

Who are Kelly Homes?

Kelly Homes is one of the preeminent custom home builders in Renfrew County It was founded in the 1980s and has built hundreds of custom homes of all types including log, timber, ICF and framed residences. Kelly Homes is the premier builder in the nearby Barrett Chute development

When can I apply for a Building Permit?

As soon as you have your building plans ready to submit with your application.  The application is on the Township’s web site

Are there Covenants?

Yes. Architectural guidelines ensure that no home is overpowering or visually dissonant with the master plan. There are restrictions on signage, specific spaces are reserved for resident parking and some lot maintenance and landscaping practices is mandatory. The covenants protect each owner’s interests and preserve the natural beauty of the site

How long do I have to build my home?

Lot purchasers are required to build within 2 years of purchase.

Are there restrictions on running a business in the residential parts of the development?

Yes. Small professional businesses are allowed.  No industrial business is allowed.

Can lots be subdivided?

No. This is designed to protect the integrity of the development.

What is the status of the community’s roads?

All roads on the site are privately owned to ensure continuous high quality year round maintenance and snow ploughing.

Who owns the neighbouring land?

Calabogie Peaks is surrounded by Crown land, which means it is owned by the Province of Ontario. It’s a virtual wilderness playground with miles of ATV, snow machine, hiking and biking trails and contains numerous hike in fishing lakes and rivers.


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