Canthooks Restaurant Menu

“Mountain, Lake and Land” is the essence of what it means to be a part of the Ottawa Valley. At Canthooks, we take these three integral parts of the “Valley” and use the abundance of amazing local producers and purveyors to design and develop a dining experience that is both country and elegant. Whether it be foraging mushrooms and wild greens from our mountain resort, fishing pickerel and trout from one of the many beautiful lakes or produce from the local artisan farmers, we strive to stay in season and in the Valley with our products and menus.




Chef’s Inspired Soup 8.50

French Onion Soup 9.50


Caesar Salad 9/17
Bacon, parm, grilled lemon
Add Chicken 5


Garden Salad 7/15
Greens, heirloom tomato, carrots, red onions, Canthooks Dressing


Dickson Chips 9
Made in house, seasoned potato chips with onion dip


Flammkuchen 12
Thin flat bread topped with alayer of Cream fraiche, spinach, tomatoes, zucchini, red onions and a touch of parmesan


Grilled Chicken Wings 17
Choice of BBQ, hot, honey garlic, sweet chili  or sour cream


PEI Mussels 17
White wine, leek, a touch of lemon and served with warm baguette


 Baked Brie 19
Topped with cinnamon cranberry sauce, served with warm baguette


Charcuterie Plate 23
‘Ulrich’s’ meats, preserves, assorted cheese and garlic bread


Cheese Fondue 31
Touch of white wine, a hint of nutmeg and garlic, served with baguette
Add boiled mini potatoes 3




German Schnitzel 22.50
Breaded pork loin, seasonal vegetables, choice of fries, spaetzle, or rice


Cordon Bleu 26
Ham and swiss filled schnitzel, seasonal vegetables, choice of fries, spaetzle, or rice

Add Jaeger Sauce to your Schnitzel or Cordon Bleu $3.75


Beef Rouladen 29
Bacon, gherkins, onion, and mustard, rolled in thinly sliced beef, braised, and served with homemade spaetzle and warm red cabbage


“Olma Bratwurst” 22.50
Topped with tasty onion gravy. Accompanied with “Roesti” – a traditional Swiss hashbrown


Zurich Style Veal Strips 25
Smothered in a creamy mushroom sauce, flavoured with a hint of lemon, and served with Roesti


Piccata Milanese 24
Veal scaloppini, drenched in an egg and parmesan mixture, pan seared and served on top of
spaghetti with tomato sauce



Inhouse Made Italian Lasagna 21.50
Served with garlic bread


Swiss Alpine Macaroni 20.50
Swiss style mac and cheese, Penne pasta with potatoes and gruyere cheese, Topped with crispy onions
Add Bacon 3

Tartiflette 20.50
French Alpine casserole, consists of potatoes, bacon and onions and hearty cheese


“Raclette Plate” 24.50
traditional Swiss dish made of melted cheese poured over boiled potatoes, and served on a hot plate.
Accompanied by a warm baguette, pickled onions and gherkins

Choice of peppercorn cheese or plain
Add charcuterie meat 9


8oz Striploin 33
Topped with Jaeger sauce or herb butter, seasonal vegetables, choice of fries, spaetzle or rice


Mushroom Gnocchi 24 GF
Smothered in a white wine, leek and mushroom cream sauce


Baked Salmon 24 GF
With lemon cream sauce, seasonal vegetables, choice of rice or roasted potatoes


Warm Beet Salad 17 GF
Beets with red onions, mandarins, topped with walnuts and goat cheese. Served with a balsamic vinaigrette


Fitness Plate 20 GF
Grilled chicken breast topped with herb butter, plated with garden salad and seasonal vegetables




All burgers come with lettuce, tomato, pickle and your choice of fries or chips

Upgrade to poutine with Jaeger sauce  6
Upgrade to Caesar 3
Upgrade to Garden Salad 2


Beef Patty 16

Black Bean Patty 14


Add Ons
Bacon 3
Cheddar 3
Swiss 3
Mushrooms 3

Canthooks Burger 23
Beef patty topped with crispy prosciutto, brie cheese and a apple date chutney 
Served with Dickson chips




Black Forest Cake 10


Tiramisu 9


Hot Love 8

(vanilla ice cream with warm raspberries)


Mango Berry Cheese Cake 10

Coconut Cream Pie Cheesecake 10

Berry Burst Square 9

Strawberry Sorbet 8


Prices are exclusive of taxes and gratuity

Mac ‘n’ Cheese
Chicken Fingers and Plum Sauce
Grilled Cheese
Hamburger with Cheese
Penne Pasta with Tomato Sauce or Butter

Served with Veggies and Ranch or Salad or French Fries


Prices are exclusive of taxes and gratuity.