Mountain Info

Mountain Info - Find out more about the best mountain in Eastern Ontario.

Mountain Info - Find out more about the best mountain in Eastern Ontario.

Stats & Facts

Base Elevation: 505 ft (154m)

Summit Elevation: 1,285 ft (392m)

Vertical Drop: 780 ft (238m)

Skiable Terrain: 80 acres (32.4h)

Annual Snowfall: 80 inches (203cm)

Longest Run: 6961 ft (2.1km)

Snowmaking: 95%

Snowmaking Technology: SMI Patented Fun Guns

Water Pipeline: > than 70,000 ft (21km)

Coverage: 100%


Trails Info

Trails: 24

Trails Classification

  • Expert/Advanced: 25%
  • Intermediate: 45%
  • Beginner: 30%

Terrain Parks

  • "Pineside" at the top of Dillons Dip
  • Beginner Bowl
  • Double Mogul Field


  • 2 Doppelmayr Quads
  • 1 Carpet Lift


 Ski Mountain

Calabogie Boogie The ski mountain was founded by an Ottawa group in 1970. The original few trails were serviced by 2 T bars located where the Solar lift is today.  A two seat chair lift was installed in 1976. The original buildings were modest– a portion of the current base lodge (still in operation) and a small snowmaking facility that has since been torn down.

The mountain was acquired by Harold Murphy and investors in 1982.  This group expanded the business in phases.  In the mid 1980s, the first onsite accommodations were built.  The base lodge was expanded and a new mechanical garage was constructed on Calabogie Road.  In 1986, the ski business acquired the golf course and waterfront property.  At the time of acquisition; it was a wetland.  The wetland was reclaimed to form the beautiful shoreline and boat docking facilities that exist today.  The waterfront was a major strategic step in the transformation of the ski business into a four season resort.

The next phase of growth occurred in 2000 and 2001 when the Resort replaced all of the ski lifts.  Two new Dopplemayr quad chairlifts and a magic carpet lift were installed.  This phase of growth included the creation of a new novice ski area called the beginner bowl.

The largest phase of growth occurred in 2004 when Calabogie Peaks Hotel, a boutique hotel, and the Cedars condominiums were constructed.  This transformed the business into a 24/7 four season destination resort.  These expansion launched the Resort’s entry into the wedding and conference business; which are now one of the Resort’s two core businesses.

The most recent phase of growth began in 2009 when the Resort installed a new snowmaking system and redesigned the mountain trails.

The new snowmaking system uses SMI patented Fan Guns, which are the leading technology in the snowmaking industry.  The new snowmaking system has been a great success and has already been expanded twice – in 2010 and 2011.  Calabogie Peaks has developed the reputation of "the snowmaking capital of the Ottawa-Gatineau region".  Calabogie is synonymous with guaranteed snow and ‘no ice’.

The redesign of the mountain has opened numerous new trails; and expanded existing trails.  Calabogie is the only regional ski business that owns vast mountain terrain for future expansion – only 50% of the mountain has been developed.  Calabogie introduces new terrain and snowmaking each year to bring skiers and riders something interesting, new and fresh.
The Peaks reflects the log term vision and passion of Harold Murphy who passed away in 2011. The company remains under the ownership and direction of Harold's family.


During the mid to late 1800s, the Calabogie area was one of the most sought after places for commercial lumbering. The giant forests of New Brunswick and Maine had been depleted and the Ottawa Valley was ripe for the picking. With the population in Upper Canada growing, the need for building supplies was exploding. Also, the British Navy used the tall and straight white pines, unequalled in quality, as masts for its many ships.

The Government supported development by building slides and booms and ultimately power dams at strategic points along the river. These enhancements turned the Madawaska River into a super highway that carried the pride of the forest to the Ottawa River. The French and Irish lumberjacks, or shanty men, were a breed of their own, working the wildest of weather, harsh forest conditions and the wild white water. When the spring run off started surging and swelling the banks of many rivers, the dangerous and demanding job of routing logs down rivers promised a thrilling yet sometimes deadly job.

Calabogie Lake, a widening of the Madawaska River created by dams at either end of the lake, became a holding  and sorting station for the logs before they were floated down to the Ottawa River and on to a multitude of locations including across the Atlantic.

Just west of Calabogie was the site of Canada's most important graphite mine. The Black Donald Graphite Mine, which was discovered in 1889, did not actually start producing until 1895. By 1927, having increased output during the First World War, the mine was producing 90% of Canada's graphite. The mine continued to produce sporadically until the next World War. In 1954, the production slowed and the mine was flooded about fifteen years later.

"Calabogie" is believed to be Gaelic for marsh or bogs, has a long and rich history in the lumber and mining industries.

What does the future hold for Calabogie Peaks?

Watch for residential homes and townhomes to be constructed at the resort.  Calabogie Peaks is the only resort in the Ottawa-Gatineau region with a mountain village and community.  As Ottawa grows west toward Calabogie, the Resort offers the unique venue of a recreation based residential community within an hour’s drive of the nation's capital. 

The combination of the ski mountain and lake, one hour from Ottawa, makes Calabogie truly unique.

Past Newsletters

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2015/16 Updates

 2015/16 Updates

We have new programs! Click on any of the programs below to learn more. 

Snow making has been expanded with tower mounted equipment at the top of the mountain guaranteeing a snowy passage from the top of the Lakeview lift over to the Ole’ K & P. Brian Bunch, our expert snowmaker is on board again this year to give Mother Nature a big help providing the best mountain experience for skiers and boarders.

Finnegan’s midsection below The Rock Cut has been expanded

Dilon’s Dip has been opened up with the removal of a snowmaking value hut. The hut has been moved to the side which will increase snow making capacity.

A brand new BR 350 Prinoth groomer has been added to the fleet for maximum corduroy snow. Our seasoned groomer Bill Matscke will be back leading the outstanding grooming team this year.

Permanent install of “The Cross Track”, a wide banked track designed for skiers and boarders of all ages. Built to control speed, but fun to race your pals on, the track begins on Barrett Chute and crosses over to Whistlin’ Paddy. This feature compliments the mogul field on lower Exhibition and our terrain parks.

The Ski Patrol has a new home this winter in “The Barn”, the large green building beside the base ski lodge.

All lockers will be located in the newly built locker room beneath The Annex. Have you signed up for a locker yet?

The old locker room will be used for group ski meetings, racing clubs, school groups and a ski course teaching facility.

New tables in Black Donald’s which will create a better pub feel for après ski visitors.

Did you know…..?

  • It takes four weeks plus to cut the grass and bushes on the mountain in the fall to prepare for a snowy blanket.
  • Our summer team cuts and collects scrap wood from the mountain to supply our outdoor wood burning furnaces which in turn heat the base ski lodge, our maintenance facilities and our very busy central laundry which services the hotel, condos and kitchens.
  • Our web cam gives live and immediate visuals of the mountain. The web cam icon can be found on the landing page at .
  • The weather at The Peaks is always a little different than the weather where you live? Link onto the weather network and follow Barrett Chute for better information. always has updated weather and trail information.

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