Calabogie Peaks Honey

The Bee’s Skis Craft Beer

The Bee’s Skis Craft Beer at the Peaks

Hops are a major component of craft beer, but it turns out they have another important function—saving the world’s honey bee population! It has been discovered that the beta acids of humulus lupulus (hops) can be used to repel the varroa mite which is a main contributor to the colony collapse disorder that has been decimating the bee population in recent years. This relationship between honey bees and hops is our inspiration to build something unique and exciting with our onsite honey program. Who better to do it with than our friends at Whitewater brewery, some local friends that embody the same culture of enjoying the beautiful outdoors of this area and using only the best local products to create something special. So next time you enjoy this honey blonde ale, raise your glass to the honey and the hops that go into making this great beer.

Available for a limited time at the highest elevation beer taps in Ontario!!!!! The Top Hut café and bar is open weekends and holidays for all your favorite Whitewater Beers and more! Come enjoy the best view with a bar tap! (And don’t forget to bring your friends!)


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